Frequently Asked Questions - Merino ADCC

  • What is Merino ADCC?

    Merino ADCC is an online portal by Merino Laminates Ltd. that allows users to find and connect with Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and Consultants, collectively called Professionals, in a city by viewing their work and their contact information.

  • Who can join Merino ADCC?

    There are 2 types of registrations on Merino ADCC.
    Any person can join Merino ADCC portal to browse the professionals listed on the portal. Details required to join are required in the registration form when the user click ‘Register as Customer’

    To register as a professional on the platform, verification and approval will be required post submitting the registration request on the Portal. A representative from Merino ADCC will manually verify the information and either approve or reject the application. Final decision and discretion lies with Merino Laminates Ltd. regarding this protocol.

  • What are the benefits of creating a Professional Profile?

    The Professional Profile allows Architects, Interior Designers, Consultants & Contractors with additional features on the portal. Professionals are able to create their firm’s profile, create projects, upload project pictures and converse with users using the comments module.

    The features have been provided by Merino Laminates Ltd. to encourage discovery of talent across professionals through the digital medium.

  • How many projects can a Professional create?

    As on 20th December 2019, a professional can create as many projects and upload as many pictures as desired. All projects and pictures go through a manual approval process by a representative of Merino Laminates Ltd. and projects that are deemed fit for the portal are visible to the public.

  • My Project is not yet approved. What can I do?

    The standard projects approval time is 24-72 business hours. In case you need to contact us, please write to us at [email protected].

  • Who owns the content I upload?

    It is presumed that You are the owner of all the pictures and information (content) you upload on the Merino ADCC portal and have not violated any third party right by uploading the contents on Merino ADCC. By uploading content in your profile, you give a world-wide, non-exclusive, irrecovable license to Merino Laminates Ltd. to store, publish, promote, modify, screen, broadcast content on all existing mediums or any other medium/s that may exist in future.

    You indemnify Merino Laminates Ltd., against all losses/damages/dispute/legal actions (including litigation fee) due to publishing the content uploaded by you.

  • How can I remove content from my profile?

    You can raise a removal request at [email protected] and company will do the needful in 2 days. It is hereby clarified that Company can remove your content without your consent in case, company in its sole discretion or on notification by any third party, see any possibility of legal dispute on the content posted by you.

  • How does Merino ADCC share my personal contact information?

    By signing up on Merino ADCC and providing your contact information, you agree that Merino Laminates will share your contact information publicly on the portal for users to browse through.

    You indemnify Merino Laminates Ltd. against all losses/damages/legal actions (including litigation fee) due to public showcase of your contact information.

    We take great efforts to ensure that only registered users get to see your contact information, however since the information is made public, it is best to keep the information as business related as possible. We DO NOT suggest that you give your personal mobile numbers, sensitive information, wireframes or schematics that may or may not be trade secrets.

  • What happens if I find content that I own, uploaded by a different account?

    If you have an objection to any content on the Merino ADCC platform, please reach out us at [email protected] with a link to the objectionable content and we’ll contact the owner of the content and start a dispute resolution process. Details of the dispute resolution process will be provided upon notification of objection.

  • What is the size of pictures that I should upload?

    Although Merino ADCC platform can support images of any size, the best resolution to upload is 1000px in width by 1000px in height.

  • What if my account is hacked?

    It is hereby clarified that company use all reasonable efforts to protect its website from any hacking, even then Company cannot guarantee 100% protection against any hacking activity and Company will not be liable for any loss/damage incurred due to such hacking activity. In case you encounter any such activity. Please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll start the account recovery process.

  • My Profile is not visible to users. Why is that?

    All newly registered professional profiles go through a manual verification process by a representative of Merino Laminates Ltd. The standard process time is 24-72 hours and may sometime takes longer due to technical issues. If you feel there has been a delay in approval / notification, please contact us at [email protected] We will endeavor to resolve the issue at earliest possible. It is hereby clarified that Company will not be liable for any claim/damage/loss due to delay in processing user request.

  • My City is not listed on the Portal. What do I do?

    Merino ADCC will be rolled out in phases to various cities across countries. If your city or country is not listed, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll try our best to bring Merino ADCC to your city.

  • How are featured projects highlighted on the home page selected?

    Every week, representatives of Merino Laminates Ltd. decide the featured projects for the home page. The decision and discretion lies solely with Merino Laminates Ltd. and no requests are entertained for the same.

  • What is a Verified profile?

    Some Professional Profiles on Merino ADCC have a Verified tag. These professionals have been registered through the Merino eMarldz Loyalty Program and are qualifying certain norms prescribed by Merino Laminates Ltd. If you’d like to know more about the loyalty program, please visit:

  • What is a Featured Profile?

    Every month, representatives of Merino Laminates Ltd. decide the featured professionals. These professionals receive higher ranking on search and thereby get more visibility. Decision on featured profile is taken on the basis of activity on the Portal. Decision on which profiles to feature solely rests with Merino Laminates Ltd.

  • I am from the European region and would like to exercise my GDPR rights?

    Please refer to our Privacy Policy for GDPR terms. If you’d like to exercise your ‘Forget Me’ rights, please send a request at [email protected] and we’ll initiate the Forget Me Protocol.

  • I’d like to be listed in multiple cities on the Portal?

    Professionals are restricted to being listed in a single city on the Merino ADCC Portal. If you’d like to be listed on multiple cities, please send us a request at [email protected].

  • Why is Mobile number verification required?

    Mobile number serves as the primary identifier for a profile, whether Professional or Customer. An OTP is sent out to verify the same. As a policy for Merino ADCC, it is required to verify mobile numbers.

  • What are Followers?

    On the portal, users can choose to follow Professionals. Whenever a project is approved for the professional, the user receives a notification of the project upload.

  • How do I change my email settings?

    Professionals can change their email settings under Settings in their Dashboard.

  • I’d like to change my primary email address?

    Please contact us at [email protected] if you'd like to change your primary email address. We will process the request within 2-4 days.


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Merino ADCC is an online networking platform. All content & images are uploaded and owned by the account holders. Visitors are requested to verify the information as may be required. Merino Industries Ltd. does not guarantee the veracity of any information on the platform.