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A bedroom is the reflection of one’s personality. A well-kept bedroom is essential for the overall pleasant ambience of the house. You can transform your bedroom by adding changes such as opting for new wall colour, pattern and texture, appropriate lighting, and more. A well-chosen design adds to the aesthetic value no matter how big […]

Where we live mirrors who we are. Each space has unique requirements that must be addressed in order to achieve the best results. Whether it’s a residential space or a large commercial area, the right interior design can certainly make it more appealing. Today, as modern property owners want minimalist yet functional spaces, sustainable interior […]

It’s all about striking the right balance between elegance and functionality when it comes to bedroom decor. Have you been thinking of renovating your bedroom? Do you need a little push to finish your décor project? Relevant platforms like Merino ADCC can guide you on how to design a bedroom that not only looks great […]

Designing a space is the extension of your own personality. At Merino ADCC, we help you design your home your way with the help of professional modern interior designers and contractors. They help you choose and understand the best option as per your requirements. Here’s a list of 10 exquisite living room ideas that you […]

Merino Group was started in 1974 with the release of plywood, followed by high-pressure laminates in 1981. The company has come a long way, and today it is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of decorative laminates. Merino Group launched an online platform called Merino ADCC that links clients with relevant professionals. It’s a one-stop […]

Working on a remodeling project to improve the design of a building can be an enjoyable and gratifying experience, and it can help you realize your dream project. However, it is natural for homeowners to feel overwhelmed and unsure at some point during the planning process. The construction companies or professionals like architects, interior designers, […]


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