Latest Interior Design Trends For Your Space

Latest Interior Design Trends For Your Space

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Latest Interior Design Trends For Your Space

Where we live mirrors who we are. Each space has unique requirements that must be addressed in order to achieve the best results. Whether it’s a residential space or a large commercial area, the right interior design can certainly make it more appealing. Today, as modern property owners want minimalist yet functional spaces, sustainable interior designs are growing popular.

But finding a skilled architect and interior designer in your area, on the other hand, may take time. At Merino ADCC, we have enlisted some of India’s best house and office interior designers, all of whom are well experienced in creating functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing interiors for your homes and workplaces. Consult them to boost the aesthetic appeal of your space.

- Latest Interior Design Trends

Latest Interior Design Trends For Your Space:

Right Natural Lighting- The greatest way to bring natural light into any space is through windows and ventilators with glass doors and shutters. They provide a pleasant and tranquil environment. A professional designer at Merino ADCC will help you create the ideal environment for natural light to flow freely, adding to the ambiance and keeping your space illuminated.

Ocean Tones– Aqua is expected to be one of the hottest colours of the season since it echoes the calming hue of the water. You can match it with larger furniture pieces covered in ocean tones, or focus on smaller accessory items if you only want a refreshing burst of blue-green brilliance.

Built-in Wardrobes– A stylish contemporary wardrobe with a sliding mirror or folding doors will undoubtedly enhance the appearance of your room. Our listed professionals can help you suggest extremely functional and easy-to-use wardrobe designs.

Wooden Furniture and Upholstery– Be it office or home, furniture design should always be functional and comfy. Wooden furnishings facilitate a bright and pleasant mood. You can also choose ottoman upholstery for extra seating. At Merino ADCC, you can choose from a variety of interior designers who can also assist you in deciding the right furniture for your space.

Stylish Kitchen– Kitchen cabinets and countertops layered with custom laminates are a popular choice among interior designers and owners these days. They not only add a touch of elegance to your kitchen but also withstand daily wear and tear. Experts at Merino ADCC will assist you in selecting the appropriate material as well as colour combinations.

Smart Homes– Automation and smart homes are the desired aspects of today’s real world. Installing mood lighting, smart appliances that can be reached with just a simple click is a great way to create a unique ambiance. Be it a bedroom, living room or office area, the smart home is ‘the trend’ in 2022, as the globe shifts toward smart living.

All these themes are already trending and being followed by several interior designers. To learn more about the new trends, connect with an expert interior designer at Merino ADCC today.

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